Monday, March 4, 2013


GS: You are in a panic because you do not trust. You ask but do not receive. You are waiting for the world to respond when all that is preventing the reception is your own unwillingness to receive.  Traumatic events serve to open us so that we can let in more love and light but are not the only way to do this. You can choose the opening without the trauma but oftentimes are not inspired to do so without a Universal nudge. Trust that you are the creator of your life and that you, the Greater you, knows what you are doing and is supporting you. All is always well and it in only the mind with its trivial thoughts that instills panic and worry. Feel the peace and calm of knowing who you are and trust this, trust yourself, trust the process and that you will know what to do in each moment. Trust and open to receive the answers that your asking is creating.

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  1. That higher self can get judge-y at times. Hey higher self, feeling panic and worry is part of the whole experience. Right past that is the peace you describe. Accepting so-called "negative emotions" is integral to larger acceptance. Don't make me come over there and shake my finger at you.