Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Highest Judge of All

GS: Judging slows down the flow of universal energy that is at your disposal. This can be beneficial when making a decision in third dimensional space and linear time. It narrows your focus. So instead of choosing from an unlimited set of outfits to wear to work today, you only perceive two. You can thereby feel your feelings about each outfit in turn and choose the one that feels more appealing. But know that in a higher vibration, you have unlimited possibilities and you have unlimited perspectives with which to view them. You can use your feelings as a guide in making choices and by making your choice, you allow the highest possible outcome to manifest because of your choice. There are no wrong choices only differences in perception. You are your highest answer. Trust in your own inner knowing that you will create your life in grace and love.  All is indeed well and good.

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