Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Heart's Desires

It is interesting to note that what we seem to desire most is what we also work hardest to avoid. If we truly and fiercely want something, wouldn’t we do out mightiest to obtain it? Instead, we find excuses, people to blame and activities to distract us from that which we claim to seek. Perhaps for some of us, getting is not as much fun as pursuing. For others, there are issues of feeling selfish and too aggressive if we actively chase what we want. And there is always the fear of being wrong to throw into the mix. I frequently let the belief that someone has the power to take away something I want from me to interfere with my own conscious creation. I also have the learned habit pattern of hiding my desires from others so they don’t know how important something is to me so that they cannot judge me for wanting it. I have learned this pattern so well that I can hide my desires from myself equally successfully. So for today, I am shifting my focus from all these tired and worn out thought patterns and instead am focusing on what I truly desire from my heart and filling myself up with the knowledge of my own power to manifest these desires in my life. I allow the energy of the One Universe to flow through me in support of this newly chosen focus. And so it is!

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