Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Love Love

GS: The great capacity that you have for love is beyond measure. You do not often tap into the depth of this capacity during your day to day life. However, you can choose to do so at any time. Your ability to feel love and to use this feeling of love to create and manifest is one of your primary duties as human expressions of the divine in the third dimension. You are made of love, your primary currency is love and your art and work product are expressions of this love. Your love is the energy through which you experience your life. Recognizing this fact aligns you to your purpose and allows the universal flow of energy to move with grace and ease. Feel the love. Feel the love that you have for your most precious person or thing, and then feel that love expand to include other persons or things until you encompass all you see. Feel the love that you are and know most certainly that the love that you are is the love you feel for your magnificent self, for the third dimensional representative that you are, for the greater being of whom you are a part, for the great expanse that is All That Is that is you as well. You are a most loving and beloved creation. Feel the power this bestows upon you.

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