Monday, February 4, 2013


GS: All these worries, all these thoughts, are of the mind as you well “know.” However, these worries and thoughts spin around like a stuck wheel, spinning and spinning but not going anywhere. To unstick, simply remove your attention from them. Go to your heart. Feel the certainty of knowing who you are that resides at all times in your heart. There are no spinning wheels here. There are no needs or suppose tos or guilts. There is freedom and a Universe full of love here in your heart. Just choose to be in this knowing, in this expansion. You can feel the tiny worried thoughts disperse as you drop into your heart. You can feel your beingness stretch and fill your space with love and support. This is your answer to all questions, to all doubts. This core of you, this seat of your Self, knows who you are and that there is nowhere you need go, nothing you need do. Looking at the world through your heart, through your heart’s knowing, you can see unlimited possibilities before you and you can choose the ones that delight you and are the perfect manifestation of the joy that lives inside you. This is the shift. This is the shift in perspective from which all change comes, from which the world and yourself are evolving into something greater. Embrace this greatness inside yourself and know that each person you meet has this greatness inside them as well, although they may choose another path toward recognizing this greatness. See in them their greatness, their potential for even more greatness, and know that potential rises up within you and is exploding outward for all to see. See that which you wish to create, wish to know, wish to connect to and the creating, the knowing, the connection will form in answer. All is love and all is well and good.

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