Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Present Power

So the message has been received. When I am worried about the future, I am not being present. If I am not present, I cannot create the future I choose. Let us put the conscious in conscious creating today!

GS: You have little suspicion of the great power that is at your disposal. You distract yourself from this power with TV and games and mindless activities. But see the glory that is your true nature, your heart center that shines brilliantly from within no matter the day or time, no matter the circumstances you appear to find yourself in. Your present moment is right now. Here. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, no part of yourself to fix in order to create a heart centered conscious life. All the tools that you need are inside you. Fears and worries dissolve like dust before your magnificence. Feel the true power of who you really are—god’s emissary into this dimension. And go out into the world and let your power unfurl into your daily life and work wonders.

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