Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Morning Fears

Is there no end to my fears? I have a great weekend feeling at peace and full of love and then I wake up Monday morning full of worries. What will become of me? How will this all work out? This feels like skimming fat off a soup stock. I carefully spoon off loads of fat thinking I have gotten it all and come back five minutes later to find a whole new layer of fat on the top of my stock. Will this skimming off of fear never end? I get up with frustration and decide to write. This is what came forward. 

GS: You are a small light in the center of a great dark space. You jump at shadows of your own making. You feel your light is weak and has little effect of the dark around you. Yet in the center of this light is a brilliant room and the whole universe expands from within its glow. Do not look outside yourself into the dark. The answers are not there. The light is within. Pull your consciousness inside, feel the glow surround you. You are not in a dark space. You are in a blazing light which is most definitely of your own making. Feel the light surround you. Know that you are in a safe space. Let this light of your own making surround you as you go about your day and know, know that this light protects you and creates for you the best and most perfect experiences that suit your position at this exact moment. No thinking, worrying mind can do this. The light of you does this. Your heart light. Your connection to Source light. Soak this light in, radiate this light outward. Let the light bring your mind peace.

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  1. My keep wanting to skim the soup too. Time to breathe in that soup's aroma, then sit down and eat the stuff. It's light too.