Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shall We Dance?

A quiet morning. Soft rain, cool temperature. A fine morning to curl up with a good book. Even my mind is quiet this morning and I soak up the peace. I trust in the Universal Dance of Life.

GS: Be still. The motion of the Universe is all around you. You are the epicenter of activity. The eye of the hurricane. Chaos and confusion seem to swirl. In reality, it is not chaos but carefully orchestrated events designed to bring to each individual exactly what they require at any given moment. This is choreography at a grand scale. The logistics of this would fry your mind’s circuits. Yet here it is, evidence all around you of this ballet that you call life. Watch it in all its splendor. Feel each wave of calling as it sweeps into you, asking you to dance. Trust in your own ability to know the right next move. And we, your dance partners if you will, are more than eager to lead you in this dance of life. There is no need to feel the wallflower. You cannot help but dance as you cannot help but breathe. It is a part of the process of living. The only thing that causes you to appear to stumble is your own beliefs in fear and judgment. Tell the fears and judgments “No, thank you. This dance is already taken,” and come dance with us. We will have, are having, a most splendid time. Blessed be.

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