Friday, September 14, 2012

Stumbling Blocks

My kitty is sick. She has the same symptoms that my last cat had before he died. I took her to the vet yesterday but they did not find anything simple or conclusive. It may very well be either an intestinal block or a tumor, both of which would require thousands of dollars of surgery. So I have issues of blocks, mortality, indecision and scarcity coming up today. Oh, and trust. Any one of these is usually enough to spin my mind into panic mode. I am choosing to look at these events through the heart. I will trust in my heart to guide me into right choice and right action. My plan is to stay centered, stay present and not run to food as a pacifier. If this is a letting go time, then I shall let go. Not everything is about me.

GS: This is a lesson in gratitude. Live in the day and look around you. All that you see, every energy signature, has traveled far over many times and distances to be in your exact space and time right now.  You have pulled these energies together in this unique pattern. This is how all your days are. Yet you doubt your ability to pull life to you while doing it every day. What is confusing is that what you create is not what your mind tells you should be so. There are no blockages. You are not stuck. You are not supposed to be somewhere else. This point, this place is where you are.  Look at everything with this in mind and heart. Release the needs to know why and how. Instead, try to notice the messages, the gifts in your day. Every event, every energy has a gift for you. Open your heart, clear your mind, and receive.

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