Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Voice

This morning I woke up with worries in my head. As I shift from a head centered life to a heart centered life, the little voice in the back of my mind still pops up, stirring up anxiety. I release, I meditate, I reassure myself but she is still there. So I decided to talk to her, be present for her and her concerns.

So little voice, I am here. I am listening. What do you have to say? I am afraid that things are not going to work out, that we are going to run out of money and that all this spiritual stuff is just our way of hiding from the truth. There are so many things that could go wrong, so many things that need repaired and maintained and fixed and I am overwhelmed and tired of doing this alone and I don’t see help anywhere because of course I am supposed to do it alone because there is something wrong or deficient with someone who needs help and I hate asking and being turned down or rejected. Having someone tell me no is the worst. I hate that. 

Thank you little voice. Now I will speak to you.

GS: What would you like to share with me and my little voice today? We are here to tell your little voice that she is not alone. That she has a support team of immense proportions to help you both, to guide and facilitate opportunities into your life. We help. But it is you, your heart, who truly creates your reality. From your heart now decree that all these worries and concerns that you have voiced are like smoke and we come into your room and blow the smoke away like it never existed. Because the worries do not exist. Worries do not create anything but more fear. Their only power is that which you bestow upon them. Feel the fresh wind blow through your self, refreshing and clearing all the old stuck ideas that do not serve you, not one little bit. Take in a fresh breath of your new energized air, feel you vibration expand and quicken. You are giving birth to new consciousness, a new way to operate in the third dimension. Be not afraid for fear does not serve you in this endeavor. Trust your heart, trust us your guides and angels, trust your Spirit and your Source and know truly that all will be well. Blessed be.

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