Monday, September 3, 2012

Simple Things

I look at the world sometimes and everything seems so complicated. There are so many things that appear to need changing. So many people whose lives are filled with chaos and confusion and unfortunate circumstances. I count myself to be relatively lucky yet I still find reasons to despair. Today I wish to look at the world simply, at my life simply. Like I am in a dance and everything has been choreographed especially for me. Each detail in my life has a purpose and at every moment I have the opportunity to either embrace an aspect of my life or release an aspect that no longer resonates with my heart. Holding onto old thoughts and patterns that do not resonate can weigh me down. Today I want to fly. I want to feel love bubble up from deep inside my heart. I want to appreciate all the wonderful friends and family I am so fortunate to know and love. I want to love me, all of me, the present self full of all these feelings, the past selves that did their best, the future selves that have yet to be born. Today is just one day but it is all the time I need. Let it begin.

GS: We offer you simple words in the hope of encouraging you and supporting your process of leading a heart centered life. Life is indeed good: 3D offers many opportunities to experience joy and express love. The thoughts in your head that discourage, that create depression and darkness were put into place to protect you but now they no longer serve you. They are here for you to release, to transform, to push off from into new and more conscious thoughts. They serve a purpose. You can examine a thought, such as “I am not worthy of love” and say to this thought ”No, this is not my truth” and poof, this thought is dispersed. Create a new thought : “I am worthy and deserving of love” and feel your whole being lighten and respond to this thought. Thus do you serve the evolutionary process. Thus do you complete a requirement for ascension. Thus do you gain entry into wondrous realms of joy and light. Simply by giving up one thought for another. Simply by choosing. Simply by saying no, then yes. Simply by replacing a lie with the truth. The time is now to know your true nature, to see the true nature of everyone you meet. See how the love inside your heart recognizes the love inside the heart of everyone in your life, everyone you will ever know or have known. You are all connected and as one lightens her load, the burden of the whole is lightened. Soon there will be no load at all but only joyous reality. Simply by changing your mind and making room for your heart to open and lead.

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