Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We are all Infinite Beings

Woke up with the words “If we are all infinite beings...” in my head. I also have been thinking lately how I feel like I missed out on having a lot of things. I don’t blame anyone for this, even myself. But I never had a grand house or got to travel the world or had a great car. I have my little house which is more than adequate although it needs a lot of work these days.  I feel like I missed out and could have maybe made different choices and how come others get these things and I didn’t? Obviously, I never made them a goal or priority but still, I feel kind of disappointed, left out. These are all head centered thoughts and feelings. Instead I choose to look at all the blessings in my life - wonderfully loving family and friends, a great job, adorable pets, good health. I look forward to the further blessings that the Universe will send my way. Because if we are all infinite beings, then lack and scarcity and unworthiness do not exist. I also am beginning to realize that my expectations in life have been small because I have never let myself dream, to truly want without limits, to play in the abundance that the Universe offers. Let me play today.

GS: You look outside yourself to complete yourself. That will never work. It can seem like it works for a time, a new bauble, a new toy. But the feeling of emptiness continues until you realize that outside does not hold the answers for you. There is nothing, no thing, no relationship, no treasure that can fill up the misperceived hole inside of you. Because the hole is not there. It is something the mind created so that you would have a motivation in life to proceed forward. However, this motivation is not necessary now and never was. Your mind is not your chief motivator. Your heart is. By releasing the idea that you are lacking, are deficient and embracing the wholeness that you are, you can finally participate in a conscious life, in a life that is consciously created out of joy and desire for experience, not out of a perception that you are not complete. Feel now this light inside you and see how it fills you and reflects your own completeness. You need nothing to fill yourself up. You are filled to the brim already with life force and love and vibrant energy. Feel this energy now and play within.

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