Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Many Paths, One Destination

We are all faced with the unknown. Every day, thousands of variables come into play and no one, at least no one in 3D, knows for certain what will transpire. We make our plans, we do our figuring and then we hope that we can handle whatever comes at us. We have developed many different coping mechanisms—belief systems, ideologies, religions—all intended to take some of the unknown out of the unknowable. And we frequently latch onto one system that we determine to be right and then proceed to reinforce our beliefs by only seeing that which confirms our rightness and finding fault and errors in everybody else’s systems. We tend to be proprietary – my system is Right! True! You who do not see this rightness have totally failed! What many of us fail to realize is there is no one system, no one belief that is completely true for all and also negates all the other systems. Even when we realize this, it is often difficult to detach from our most cherished ideas about reality. What I am learning these days is how many different paths there are to truth. And that each person has a unique perspective of reality so it only stands to reason that their path would be different than mine. Sometimes we share paths for a time with this friend or that one, but then something catches our attention and off we go in a different direction, meeting up with other friends with whom we never realized we had so much in common. Our minds cannot always perceive the best direction but our hearts can. Our hearts can choose between as many choices as our beliefs allow us to perceive. Our heart knows yes and no, light or heavy, desired or not. And what my heart tells me is right and true and best for me at this time may not be right for you at all. You have your own heart. 3D is designed to always give us choices, multitudes of possibilities. We only need allow ourselves the eyes to see them. If you are feeling stuck, if you are unhappy with your life situation, question what you hold as true. There may be another truth waiting to be discovered.

GS: These past months, we have told you many things. We have reassured you and told you of our love and abiding delight in you. We have talked to you about trust and allowing your inner light to shine. You are not missing something. The whole point is that you already have that which you need. The answers are everywhere around you. You create an answer by simply reaching out your hand. This is not difficult. This is not hard. This is a dance and you are dancing beautifully around your time and space. You can make things difficult or hard for yourself but you are the only one who requires that you do so. Falling back and trusting the Universe to catch you is easy. Relax into allowing your Source to lead. Relax the chains and barriers you have wrapped around your heart that were to protect you from hurt. There is nothing here to hurt you but your own beliefs. Do you believe that things must be complicated? Do you fear things being too easy? Are you willing to accept what life has in store for you? Get ready, the ball is about to be in your court.

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