Thursday, September 6, 2012

Easy vs. Hard

So is the path to enlightenment hard or easy? Is it whichever way we choose? Can we really believe we can accomplish something without plenty of sweat and hard work? Could life be easy, or at least easier? How much of "hard" is my beliefs kicking and screaming about "It isn't supposed to be this way!"? Is there a way of looking at life that makes it easy? If everything in my life is a result of my beliefs, wouldn't changing my belief change my reality? Of course, many would tell me that my life is not a result of my beliefs but a series of either random chances or part of a divine plan by someone's idea of a god. What is truth? What is a lie or misperception? Free will vs. Fate. Too many choices vs. no choice at all. Ah, duality, you spin my head.

GS: Easy and hard are indeed belief systems. They represent choices of operation. They represent choice. One road is not better that the other. Easy can be more fun, hard perhaps more motivating. The attachment of your society to hard is strong. You must work through things, you must apply effort to achieve, you must work hard for a living. Anything outside of hard is merely luck, chance and seems totally out of your control. Yet the dance of life is fluid, it is joyful. Life is here to be experienced in all its multitudinous glory. You can send out a laugh of joy and receive it back ten times. Or you can send out a call of work and effort and sweat and receive in kind as well. The time has come for you, my dear, to choose. To claim your right and power to consciously create your life in the manner you see fit. Anything you create will get you to where you are going. What changes with different methods is just the scenery. So choose your path and enjoy the ride! 

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