Friday, August 31, 2012

Heart vs. Mind

I woke up wondering if everything our mind wants is “bad.” I for one certainly have a tendency to get into “mind bad, heart good” even though I know judging is not helpful. Judgment is for choosing which color shirt to wear. Judging and the mind are here to help with all the choices we have because in time/space, we cannot choose everything at once. It is a tool that we can use to narrow our choices down so that we can experience them one at a time. However, the mind has taken over our version of reality and has a strangle hold on the choices we perceive. In the mind’s opinion, less choices mean less confusion. But the mind always picks the safest choices and safest means most familiar so it is difficult to use the mind to break out of what has become routine and habit. In letting go of the mind’s hold on our perceptions, we open up all the choices and possibilities that have been there all along. The heart is not overwhelmed by a multitude of choices. The heart has the ability to hone into the best possible choice among many, the choice most suited to our current vibrational state. Thus if remained heart-centered, we can be assured that we remain on the path of best possible outcome for all concerned.

GS: The mind loves to condemn and order preferences.  It does not realize that that which it judges is of its own making. The mind does not perceive vibration. The mind sees only thoughts and is conditioned to choose the most familiar ones. It loves to bask in routine and the familiar. The mind, when acting as our GPS will always choose the same route to a destination because it knows that route works. The mind gets thrown by a request for a new and unfamiliar destination and will throw up fears and worries to block us from possible mishaps along the new path. The heart operates on vibration. It does not need words or explanations. It seeks out the path that most perfectly matches the vibration we are living at like finding a jigsaw puzzle piece for a hole in a puzzle. It creates a space inside you that desires a piece to come in and complete the current vibratory picture you are working on. It can generate, attract, perceive many possible pieces until we find the one that fits best. And then we have the experience that comes with this piece. To change your life, you need to change your vibration which is like choosing a different jigsaw puzzle to work on. A new puzzle with bring about new possible pieces, new experiences. The soul delights in finding new possible puzzles to work on. To raise your vibration, become more conscous of the present moment. Become more conscious of your connection to your true nature. Become more aware of the love and joy you have inside that is waiting to burst into your life. 

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