Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

I have been writing my guiding type now for just over a year. I have been blogging regularly for about a month. While the words are still flowing, I still seem to have some anxiety regarding this process. I would like some deeper information, something that feels less like my waking self. At the same time, I am nervous about answers I don’t want to hear, afraid to be chastised or scolded by the mysterious authority that my mind remembers from Sunday school. It seems obvious even to me that this issue needs to be resolved in order to allow the heart to open and the space for answers to appear. I am hoping that my daily journaling will release these fears and allow the process to unfold and evolve into possibilities I have not yet imagined. I shall also be on the lookout for other avenues that will help me take the next steps. Guidance is everywhere and I only need eyes to see and ears to hear. As do we all.
 GS: To get better information, you must first ask better questions. You are still a bit afraid of learning things that you may not want to know. For instance, like being told you have to do something unpleasant or do not have a choice regarding a certain matter. However, these are mind worries and mind’s imaginings of answers. Let your heart speak the question and the heart answer. Mind questions are all the same; what am I going to do, what will become of me, how can I figure things out? The heart’s questions are expansive. How can I open my life to more love? Where can I go that will bring me joy? How can I meet someone special, someone exciting? What beings am I connecting to? What do their perspectives look like?
So what does your perspective look like? GS: The view from here is quite amazing. It is much like looking out to sea in your 3D but without an ocean, only clouds. Colored clouds that roll and churn on the horizon, dual suns set and shine overhead. Colors steak the sky and bird song and the scent of exotic flowers fill the air. The scene is beauty beyond your imagining. But even more than that is the feeling of connection. There is an awareness at our fingertips, if we had fingers that is, as quick as a thought, of a multitude of beings who are all part of our same family, connected like molecules on a strand of DNA, all unique, all fulfilling their own unique function but working together for the greater organism, sharing data, information and experiences with the whole. Best of all is the love, the swelling of the ocean of wholeness and completeness and total love. You have not felt this truly yet but you will. Have no doubt. Step aside your mind and you will discover it seeping into the cracks of your psyche, permeating your being until all you are is love. Pure sweet love. This is who you really are. Blessed be.

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