Sunday, September 23, 2012

Losing My Mind

This morning I was thinking about money and wondering what beliefs I hold that keep me in a space that struggles and worries about having enough. This is what came through. This may be one of the first instances where I have actually had a question and feel that it was answered. Cool.

GS: Your relationship with money is a tangled one. You want it to be there without you having to think about it. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this idea yet you believe there is. You inherited the idea that money and possessions are something you must work hard for so money coming easily seems counter to that. You like nice things yet you feel guilty for having them. You feel excess is being greedy. You hold onto things for fear they will be gone. This is perhaps the most dense of your beliefs. Holding onto things stops the flow of universal abundance. The more your income reduces, the tighter you hold onto what is left. This fear of running out of things, money, love, parents, people, is at the core. The fear of losing. Imbalances occur when you overcompensate by over-consuming those things, food, books, that you allow yourself while obsessing over the lack in other areas of your life. This ties into the fear of not having creative power over your own life neatly. However, you have the creative power to release these beliefs in an instant as does everyone else. Do you fear to let go of a belief for fear of losing this as well? Your belief is familiar and while it may not have served you well, it has at least served you. What would happen to your life if you did not steer it with these old beliefs? Perhaps a space for new things would open. Perhaps you can choose new beliefs based in love, in a safe universe, based in wholeness and completeness. You need not search for completeness outside of yourself. If you are whole within, then there is nothing you can lose that will have any effect. You can never be less than the magnificence that you are. Feel the wholeness. From a knowledge of the wholeness that is your divine essence, you can allow the flow of abundance to flow through you, soaking in what you love and passing it on to all who you meet and transact with. This participation in the flow of abundance comes from and stems from your innate being that is wholeness and love. Choose wholeness. Choose to know the wholeness that you already are. Feel this shift now. As so it is.

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