Friday, September 21, 2012

Ready Set

To act or not to act, that is the question. Actually, I usually know when to act. What frustrates me is not knowing what to act upon, or feeling like I want to act if only I knew where or how. Yet when an opportunity enters my life, I recognize it as such and pounce. But what if I hunger for something to pounce on but there is no mouse in sight? Am I not seeing clearly or is this an instance of divine timing? It is a puzzlement.

GS:The tension of the polarity in your dimension creates a fascinating energy dynamic. You feel the pressure from both sides of an issue and this frequently feels uncomfortable. This tension increases as the two polarities at seeming odds increase their battle for your attention. This is where divine timing comes into play. There is a point in time/space where the friction, the tension reaches a peak and from this peak you can use the energy generated to spring off into the unknown. Breathe through the tension. Do not mistake this tension for worry. Allow the energy to build. It is much like being on the starting line of a race. You are crouched, you are in position. You are waiting for Divine Timing to shoot the pistol and begin the race. Your heart races, your mind is focused on beginning. This is a ripe and juicy time. Soak up the potentiality of this moment. Feel the possibilities line up before you. And listen for the sound, the signal that will let you know the race has begun and it is time to act. Ready…set…

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