Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have always shied away from “No!” I have taken refusals and rejections personally as a sign that I have erred, that I am unworthy, that I deserve to have the good things in life withheld because of my mistakes. This belief system no longer serves me. I have allowed this belief system to let me hide my light and to protect me from engaging with the world, with life. I do not choose to do so any longer. I choose to believe that a door closing is another door opening, a door which opens up into a choice that is a better fit for my current position. A door which is shaped by my open heart. And there are many doors, many choices, but only one heart, one love, one being. I live my life in the fullness of my being and thank both the closed doors and the open doors for enriching my earthly experience. My path is assured.

GS: These lessons you are learning these past days are opening many possibilities for you. You heart is open, you can feel the love that has been there all along. You are viewing others through your open heart. You are seeing the wonder in your everyday. This is a most blessed time. This is a most blessed day. This is a most blessed moment . You are giving birth to a new sense of power and intention that will allow you to go forth and conquer your fears, spread your light and your love, engage with the Universe and play and laugh and soak in the wonder that is physical existence. Feel the joy. Feel the love. Today is the best day. Live it.

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