Sunday, September 16, 2012


I got it! I have the gift of this moment, this week of ups and downs. I finally realize the lie that I have been telling myself for many many years. I have waited and watched while a number of people and animals died. I have been full of feelings of helplessness and powerlessness during these occasions. The lie came when I collapsed these feelings of helplessness and powerlessness over changing someone else's life with the power I have to create my own life and the help I have available to me to do so. These are two different things but I have had them linked in a death grip in my mind for decades. O.M.G. I cannot express how big this feels inside of me right now. This is EPIC!! Thank you guides, angels, beings of light, friends, family and greater self for bringing light into this dark corner of my psyche. I am most blessed.

(Written before the above revelation.) GS: Listen. Be still. Do you believe there is anyone there? Do you believe that answers are possible? Or more importantly, do you believe that answers are helpful? Or do you believe that answers bring doom and judgment and no way out? Do you look at answers as a trap that boxes you into inevitable disaster? You can hear the answers to these questions in your heart. Perhaps the most important question is—Do you want to believe differently? Do you want to release your fears and expectations and trust the Universe to provide the highest answers on this your highest path? We can hear your resounding yes. So. How do you change your beliefs? Exactly what your journey is about right now! Why did you have this roller coaster week? To help you change your beliefs about what is possible. To help you trust in the many resources of support you have available. To help you make different choices. Different choices in perspectives. To further nurture your growing heart center. Do not despair or worry. They do not serve you. Trust serves you. Love serves you. Surround yourself with these things and enjoy the view. 

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