Monday, September 17, 2012

No Day But Today

Woke up with "No Day But Today" in my head thanks to the Idina Menzel special on PBS last night. However, as a theme for a Monday, it works. I am always appreciative of reminders to stay present. It is in the present moment and only in the present moment that we can claim our power to consciously create our lives. Let me claim the Now as my own and create wonders!

GS: Today is a new day. Feel your intention to live a consciously creating life glow in your heart. Feel the power of your true nature vibrate in your being. Know that all that you do and see and experience is of your own making, of your own calling. See with eyes of love everyone you meet, each of whom is creating their own life as well. Marvel in the truth that allows you to intersect trajectories. Life is a most splendid device. Each day is full of possibilities. Can you feel excitement over what this day holds in store for you? Can you feel the joy of living? Walk this day with gratitude and wonder and allow all that would unfold in front of you to delight you. Nothing is wrong. You do not need to think differently or behave like a holy man to go about your day. Just feel the magic. It is all around you just waiting for you to notice.

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