Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This came through last night. I keep asking to reach higher knowledge. Perhaps I have taken a step toward this. My mind loves to throw doubts in my face in a misguided attempt to protect me. I am opening to heart energy regardless. It is only through experience that we change beliefs into knowns. There are no words, no magic tricks to get there. There is just allowing the experience to unfold inside you to reveal what has been there all along.

GS: Knowing is beyond words. You have many words but little knowing. To know you must listen underneath words, underneath thinking and little emotions. There is a deep dark core of you who knows. She is a constant vibratory presence within you. There are no words, no gestures. Just a deep throbbing undercurrent, a tone or thread that runs through everything you do, everything you say. Become aware of this current of energy that you can ride on throughout your day. This is your connection to Source. This is your connection to everyone else. It is an energy vibration that is a thread that is a song that is a heartbeat that is a tone that is a drum that is a chime that is a still voice within. Open up your heart. Push aside the petty thoughts that your mind is continually regurgitating. Make space, more space, even more space inside your heart and then this still small voice will whisper and you will hear her tiny voice from across the cavernous space inside your open heart and the sound will echo like thunder and awaken your spirit and awaken the angels and awaken the heart in the hearts of everyone you meet. Let this voice be heard. Let this voice speak out. Let this voice be the god that you are in action. Let It Be. 

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