Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Trigger is not just Roy Rogers' Horse

Throughout my journey this summer, I have been given certain words which seem to trigger me. They represent deeply held belief systems that I was unaware of so that I could choose to redirect my energy to beliefs of my own conscious choosing. These words are charged for me, like they are magic codes that unlock secret doors. Some of these words have been: boxed-in, helpless and powerless. This morning I got a new one in the writing below. Disappointment. I have believed in the power of disappointment - that no matter what I ask for, I will be disappointed. How can good things come to me with this belief? It is no wonder that I numbed out to what I truly want. Why want if I have doomed myself to disappointment? Well, ha! I am on to you now. Here is one belief in disappointment being chucked into the violet flame. I now choose to believe that the Universe brings to me exactly what I desire and I am delighted with the Universe!

GS: You tell yourself that you do not know what to do. Yet that is not true.  You are making different choices every day. You are choosing to wait for the opportunities to find you. You have placed your order out into the Universe and are waiting for the Universe to answer. This is a tenuous place that you feel you are in. Yet the Universe always answers so why do you doubt? But the Universe can only respond in a language that you understand. And this language is determined by what you believe, by what you allow yourself to receive. So you are in the process of adjusting your ears to hear and your eyes to see. You are allowing yourself to want but still carry the belief of disappointment. Drop this belief for it most certainly doesn’t serve you. In the past, when you asked for something you were invariably disappointed. See how your life reflects your beliefs? Trust the process, trust that all will be provided and let go of the need to be disappointed. Let go of the belief in disappointment and know that the Universe will deliver unto you all the orders that you have placed.  

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