Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's Make a Deal

So here it is. The first day and the last. I awaken to unlimited possibility. But in front of me is a wall of doors labeled “What do you want?” and “What do you choose?” I am on Let’s Make a Deal and the Monty Hall of the Universe is asking me which door do I want. “But I don’t know what is behind the doors!” I cry. Monty smiles enigmatically and waits for my answer.

GS: You want choices yet balk when offered them. How will you know what to choose? Which choice is right, which choice is best, which one will bring disappointment and heartbreak? How can you doubt the Universe to provide what you need? How can you doubt your own Greater Self in its capacity to understand and deliver precisely what is required? The sea is calm, the wind at your back. Your sail in unfurled and you are moving ahead regardless of your choices. Trust. We say this to you with all love and light. Trust. Every moment of your life is full of a multitude of details brought into your line of sight purely to delight you. Sink into your life. Smell each flower, taste each fruit. Caress the hand of the person beside you. Life is good, it is grand, it is the biggest gift you will ever be given. Take a deep breath and choose your blessing.

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