Sunday, September 30, 2012

There's a Light

GS: There is still a small thread of doubt within your mind. It winds its way within the shadows and tries to remain inconspicuous. But it sprays its poison where you least expect it. Please direct your attention away. Pay no attention to that snaky voice in the corner. It does not serve you or your highest interests. Focus instead on the core of you which is a brilliant light which banishes dark corners that harbor remnants of beliefs in fear. Focus on who you are and the knowledge and remembering of this core will do more for you in the third dimension than any self help book. Feel the majesty of your glory. There is a fanfare of sound and blazing light and a choir of angels as well. This is who you truly are not some weak scared little mouse. There is no false pride, no false sense of modesty. Just the glory of the god of you. Let your light shine. Let your essence infuse everything you do, everything you think. See yourself through eyes of love as well as everyone else. Caress yourself gently throughout your day, throughout your week. Wrap yourself in angelic arms of love and know that you are the emissary of the Universe.

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