Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It is Time

There is surrender at work here. Surrendering up those parts of myself who thought she knew it all, had all the answers, must always be perfect and never make mistakes. These are all parts constructed by my mind. They are cardboard cutouts, not real and not made of flesh. Knocking them down, crushing them and recycling them into the pulp they came from is simple. The clear fresh wind of true being blows away these mental constructs. I know the truth of me. I know the truth of me like no one else does. My expression of me into the world and the universe allows that truth of me to materialize into form, allows others to share and experience my essence. Blessed be all of us, the Lightworkers, who have chosen this moment in space and time to be the vanguard of the new paradigm. We are the front runners and we light a candle for the world to see a new way of being, of expressing, of integrating love into physical form. Now I hold the candle for myself that I may see and know my own light, my own power and stake a claim to be the true creator that I am, that I have always been. I release the old paradigm, the doubts and fears and worries that have been the mainstay for creation for far too long. It is time, past time, for love to be born on this Earth, in each and every heart in each and every being on this Earth. The seed has been planted. Now is the time to bloom.

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