Sunday, April 28, 2013

Capacity for Joy

GS: Your capacity to maintain high levels of energetic vibration is dependent upon your beliefs about your own capacity. You do not believe you can hold the highs for too long. You believe this is tempting fate to punish you for daring to reach too high, to ask for too much. This is not law or fact. You can change your perception of your capacity for energy at any time and the time you choose will always be in the now moment. Open your heart to the One Energy that you are and expand the capacity that you allow yourself to feel. This will increase the flow of the One Energy from, to and through you and thus also increase your ability for conscious manifestation. Hold the focus of being an individual expression of the One Energy while simultaneously being one with the One Energy and your flow will be smooth and consistent and expansive. You are Whole within yourself and Whole within the Whole. Feel the joy that you are and your vibration automatically raises. Discard the belief that joy needs to be paid for and instead know that it is your divine right destiny to feel and give and receive joy and love and exuberant passion. And so it is.

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