Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Red or Blue?

What I woke up this morning thinking about is how we decide what we want and claim this goal as an intention. For example: Let's pretend I want a blue car. Now, I believe that what I decide to want is my decision and responsibility. It is not someone else’s job to validate or approve of what I want unless I believe it is and thereby throw wrench number one into the conscious creation process. (I believe I am the god of me but I believe you are the god of me too – I have the power but you have the power—and thus a paradox is formed and conscious creation is stalled.) So I claim my intention, feel the joy of having a blue car in my life and know I am creating a blue car in my life – and then I go about looking through craigslist and asking friends and going to car dealerships for my blue car, otherwise known as taking action. So the next day, someone calls me and starts talking about this great red car that someone is selling cheap. So then I say to myself – but I wanted a blue car! This sounds like a great deal. Do I go with what the Universe is putting in my path? Is this compromising my intention? Do I really need a blue car when a red car will work just as well? Why do I want a blue car? Am I doing this creation process right? Doubt and confusion set in but I stop my thinking mind and go back into my heart and ask myself as the god of me – why do I want a blue car? Is it because my beloved dad always drove a blue car and by driving a blue car I believe that my dad is still around, loving me? So from this place in my open heart, I make a new choice between the blue car of my dreams, the red car of my current reality, or whatever the Universe can create for me next.
Now this is a hypothetical case (I really want an orange car!) but I have noticed this in my life and the lives of my friends. How specific do we choose to be in our intentions? I don’t believe there is any law dictating an answer here beyond my own beliefs in the matter. I have asked the Universe for a specific color of cat and gotten exactly what I have asked for – twice. So we can all have a blue car if we want one. However, if what we really want is to know our dad still loves us or to prove to ourselves we are the gods of us, that is a different story. We can choose clarity and awareness of our true desires. I believe that the Universe brings to us the best opportunities based on all that we currently believe so if we don’t like the choices we seem to be given then we need to examine our beliefs more thoroughly, change beliefs where needed and make clearer choices. Our hearts always know what we want.
We have all heard the phrase “Let go and let God.” So if we are at the Conscious Creation Restaurant and we are looking over the menu, do we go into our heart and choose the menu choice that most appeals to us or do we smile at the waiter (he’s cute!) and say “I’ll have the Universal Chef’s Special” knowing that it will be made with the freshest ingredients and comes from the inspiration of universal flow? I am not even sure there is a “right” answer to this question other than the one we choose. 

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