Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breathe the Love!

GS: The joy in your heart is radiating outward for all to see. You no longer need to hide this joy for fear of losing it or having it taken away. Joy and love are as pervasive as the air you breathe and they are just as necessary as this air. Why limit your access to love and joy? Why try to store and hold onto it? This is as futile as holding your breath to try to hold onto the air your need to exist in physical reality. Let energy flow into you and out from you just as your breath does. Know that your energy is changed just as the air you breathe is changed inside your lungs. You take in the oxygen and let go of the carbon dioxide, giving plants fuel to grow. So is the love and joy you bring into you changed and flavored by the being of who you are and then it goes forth into the world with your personal blessing back into the Is-ness of All That Is. This exquisite dance is the basis for life as you know it, The All into the One back into the All. With each breath, breathe in love and joy and energy and exhale love and joy and energy and feel the flow in all its glorious freedom.

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