Monday, August 27, 2012

Walking a Tightrope

So today is my birthday and on the way to work, I drove behind a car with a license plate that had my four digit birth year on it. Thirty seconds later, another car passed me and its plate numbers were 8207, which if you read that out loud - eight twenty seven - you get my birthdate. Coincidence or divine message? If the license plate gods want to send me best wishes, I am happy to accept.

In other news, I have been thinking about balance. Food, money, activities. So many things in our lives benefit from balance. Yet I for one seem to have a challenge with balance. It is my intention this new birth-year to connect to balance, to find that happy place between too much and not enough, where needs are met and I have extra to share. Cheers!

GS: Searching for balance is like walking across a tightrope. You feel that at any moment you could fall into a dark crevice. However, there is no crevice and the rope you are walking so carefully on is on the ground. You merely have to step off and you have your balance. Groundedness comes up to you from the earth. Your ability to find balance is in direct proportion to how often and how much you are grounded. Put your feet on the earth. Feel the wind on your cheek. Listen to birds. All this grounds and centers you. And when you have your center, you are in balance. When you have your center, you make better choices for your body and for your soul. You are used to using food as a pacifier. A means of calming and soothing yourself. Holding your center will do this much more effectively. Sit on the earth, raise your face to the sky. Let the starlight rain on your head. In such activities will you find peace.

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  1. Believe this. But sometimes the universe has a sense of humor. Put my bare feet on the ground yesterday, was promptly stung by a yellow jacket. Maybe the bowling ball with toes that was my foot is a reminder of balance...