Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unconditional Love

Everywhere I go these days, everything I read, seems to be talking about unconditional love. I realize that on many levels I do not truly understand what this phrase means. I have always felt separted from love, like there is a glass barrier between me and everyone else. I can feel strong love for others, especially my family and dear friends. But I have always felt separated from the love that others send to me. Part of this may be the habitual protection method constructed when my mother died when I was 13. One of my intentions for my life is to soften and release this barrier from my psyche. I have also felt removed from the spirit of my mother, like she completely disappeared from my perception in spirit as she did in body when she died. I have meditated on this and now include my mother as part of my spiritual team. Recently, I received a message through a friend about how difficult it was for my mother to leave me when she died. I am not sure I had every thought about this. And then, last night I did a brief meditation and asked for help in understanding unconditional love. So this morning, I woke up with a song in my head. I do not remember hearing this song recently but this is always possible. The song in my head was "The Never Ending Song of Love" and goes "I have a never ending love for you. From now on, that's all I want to do. From the first time we met I knew I'd have a never ending love for you." (Everybody sing!) I remembered the song but did not even remember who sang it. Researching the song this morning revealed it was originally written and recorded by Delaney and Bonnie in the 1970s. Odd coincidence number one: Delaney and Bonnie's last name is a name that connects to someone close to my mother. Odd coincidence number two: Delaney died in 2008, on the same day my mother died, December 27. Coincidence or message? Pretty cool, either way.

GS: Yes the song is a message. You seem to be very able to receive messages in the form of songs so pay attention to the music rattling around your head. We will insert our favorites from time to time. Unconditional love is like breathing to us. It is all around us. It is part of our landscape. Ask yourself "What would I do if I felt loved? If I felt totally loved? What would I accomplish? What would I risk? What chances would I take if I did not censor my actions to only those that would win me love?" The journey is continuing for you at a rapid pace. Enjoy and appreciate each day. This is a most momentous time in your reality and it is true that many here on “the other side” are most interested in what goes on in 3D. The word ascension does indeed distort what is going on. Acceleration is closer. So is amped or sped up or intensified. Any of the descriptions are 3D attempts to understand a process that is much larger than words. But rest assured that however you describe the process, it is indeed occurring and you are a part of it and that you are safe and protected and most of all very very loved. We have a never ending love for you!

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