Friday, August 24, 2012

My Grand Adventure

I don’t often think of myself as the adventurous sort. I like to plan and be practical and delude myself into a false sense of security. This has not served me so well the past several years. Common sense, which is what society teaches us to be true, does not seem to work anymore. However, my intuition is running in high gear. My intuition, my gut sense, my guidance are all flashing wildly in my face trying to get my attention away from what my mind and society tell me is supposed to be happening. Here my fears have served me well. I have been unable to perceive common sense solutions to my dilemmas so I have been pushed into searching for other alternatives. This has all led me to developing my guidance system and living from an open heartwhat I now think of as My Grand Adventure. I have no idea where I am headed but I feel like the journey will be magnificent.

GS: You are standing on the edge of a precipice. You are looking down to the ground far far below. You are somewhat dizzy. Your body is trembling. In a moment you will jump off and cast your fate to the wind so to speak. Feel the energy in this exciting anticipation. You do not know what will happen. You cannot see your way. You can only trust that some one, some force will catch you before you hit the bottom. But think of this – maybe you’ll fly. Maybe you will soar from the sheer joy of living. Maybe falling is like being caressed by feathers. Soft and floating and gentle. There are so many possibilities in front of you, surrounding you. Feel the ripeness of this point. Anything can happen. Something wonderful. Something magical. Feel the love in your heart for this beautiful cherished 3D person that you are who is so brave to be standing on this cliff. Love her and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that her journey off the cliff will be spectacular. 

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  1. Remember to look around, you aren't alone on the cliff my dear.