Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Heart, My Heart

Early morning, rested and relaxed. Busy weekend planned with friends celebrating another year of living in 3D. I do not feel so plagued by worries and doubts today. I feel calm and hopeful. I choose to live a heart centered life. May life unfold in front of me as it will. For today, let my heart have me.

GS: Your heart speaks loud and clear but does not speak in words. You can use your heart as a filter through which to view the world. Imagining yourself in your heart switches your vibration and shifts everything you see and experience. Once you become familiar with this shift, it will become easier to shift at will. There is no need to do or become or fix anything in the heart. Everything is as it should be. You are one with the flow of the Universe and your life will flow in an easy comfortable way. This is a goal you wish to achieve, yet it is not an action and requires nothing from you except an allowance of your true nature to come forth. You do literally step back, let the mind step back, and let the heart drive. Set your intention, keep your focus and then just relax, step back, let your heart lead. Feel an opening sensation inside your chest. Feel this sensation grow and envelope you, surround you, and know that you are part of a greater self, an immense being, an interconnecting cooperative of energy and that we are at your disposal. (But do not throw us away!) Picture the heart opening and unfolding and wrapping your body with light and love. Rest comforted inside this bubble of love and know that your path is ahead of you to joyfully experience as time unfolds for you.