Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Picture your World

Today I am tired. Yes, I probably did not get enough sleep. But I am also tired of thinking, tired of worrying, tired of being full of doubt. So for today, I am not thinking. I am releasing my mind from her thankless task of finding the exact most perfect solution to all my problems. Today, I am letting my heart lead the way. I am living in the present moment. Anything that is not in the here and now can wait. For today, peace and serenity win.

GS: Picture your world through eyes of love. Be totally present in as many moments as you can. There is magic in your every day. There are tools and resources in your field of vision. You are surrounded at all times by your team of guides and allies who most wish to serve and to share in your everyday delights. What do you wish? What do you desire? What would you do if fear and doubt did not cloud your eyes? Explore a fear free life. Take a walk on the wild side – the side beyond doubt and worry. Feel your inner core radiate your love and acceptance outward in all directions – north, south, east, west, past and future. Know who you are. Really know this and you will walk about your day with a lighter step and a heart filled with light. Today will be a grand adventure. Blessed be.

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