Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Adventures in 3D

The times, they are confusing. One moment I am calm, peaceful and serene. The next moment, I am enraged that the idiot in the red sports car cut in front of me. Oh, wait. I am supposed to look at everything through eyes of love, even during rush hour. Maybe especially during rush hour. Holding onto my center while travelling about my day can be challenging. However, I think this challenge is part of why we are here in 3D so I shall persevere.

GS: The most amazing gift you have been given is time and space. This reality of yours creates the most interesting adventures for consciousness. Treasure your gift. Explore the ramifications of time and space. From our viewpoint, it is somewhat like watching a movie in which all the frames surround us at once and we can absorb the movie like a huge splash of water to the face. For you, you can watch this movie in slow motion, seeing every frame, experiencing each frame in its uniqueness before passing onto the next one. You see each drop of water and feel it gently on your face. So there is a contrast between a flood of information and experience and examining each and every moment separately. There is value to be found in both ways of being but you have chosen to be in 3D right now so cherish your individual moments. You are gradually bringing into your awareness the knowledge of the whole while holding onto the awareness of the individual moments in time and space. This creates a new conscious experience that blends the two awarenesses. This is a most exciting time you are living in, is it not? Enjoy your straddling. We appreciate being able to ride on your coattails!

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