Monday, August 20, 2012

Scratching an Itch

Sometimes I get a little discouraged with my direct writing. It can sometimes seem a little repetitious. However, given that I am still afraid of even asking the big questions let alone receiving big answers, what I get is what I have allowed room for receiving. I don't really have a lot of little questions. I mostly seek reassurance. I seek a feeling of connection. Maybe when I fully satisfy those itches, I can allow for something bigger.

GS: What do I most need to hear from you today? You are loved. This is always the underlying motivation for those of you in 3D. You are loved. You are not alone. You are connected to a vast and intricate network of energy and spirits who are here to support you. You can access and call on this network for guidance and support. This direct writing you do is one way, so is meditation. However, guidance and support come your way in everyday life in a multitude of ways. You need only be paying attention to your surroundings and environment. People act as angels. You hear a word or phrase that has special meaning. You see a dragonfly, a street light goes suddenly on or off. You have a sudden burst of inspiration. Help is all around you. What will be most helpful to you right now is practicing being open. Be open to receive, be open to new ideas, be open to new ways of doing things, new paths, new directions. See all the choices you make each day and practice making new ones. Do not be afraid to try another path. Rest assured that all will be well and you can know this because the inner core of who you are says so. You are fortunate to be always aware of this core and by you consistently recognizing and being aware of this core, you teach others how to do this as well by example. Hold onto this core and be thankful. With this awareness you can and will create the life you desire. 

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