Sunday, August 19, 2012

Putting Myself on Notice

It is interesting to notice the themes that seem to evolve through this process of direct writing. The past few days, I have been receiving variations on the theme of being present and paying attention to the present moment. As Seth said, our point of power is in the present. The past and the future both exist only in our minds and are shaped by our beliefs about what we choose to remember or project. It is from our present moment that change occurs. My boss hung up a sign at work recently that says "Thank you for noticing this notice. Your noticing has been noticed." Perhaps this is the sign I have been looking for!

GS: We like the idea of putting yourself on notice. Much of life can be simplified if you just notice what is around you and inside of you at any given moment. Notice what you are feeling. Notice what other people are saying and expressing in their energetic field. Notice the vibrational level you are emanating. Notice the space around you. See the environment. You humans spend a lot of time in your head and with your noses in books and computers and television. This pulls your focus away from the present moment, from the present space. These activities are not wrong but do diminish your power in a fashion. Be fully present, at least for a time each day. Notice your surroundings. Feel the wind on your cheek. Feel the sun on your face. By being truly present, you can become more aware of the messages we send. Pay attention. Focus your attention to the present moment and notice what comes into your awareness.

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