Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Next Step

I am always thinking. What I find most challenging is trying to determine what to do next. There is unease inside me. Am I supposed to take an action? Am I supposed to wait for something or someone to show up? Occasionally life throws me an obvious bone and it feels clear to me that this is something to act on. But frequently, I just look around and feel perplexed. There are no obvious signs. Not much seems to be going on or changing. What is a girl to do? At this point, my mind takes over and panics. This is not helpful. One of the primary reasons I began this exercise in direct writing is to reach an answer to this dilemma. In asking for guidance, this is the answer I received.

GS: Your next step follows naturally from your last one. The movement is like a dance. Thinking about the movement ahead of time is not helpful. The body knows which way to move in a dance. So the Heart knows which way to move in your life. However, much as street noise can drown out the sound of music in your room and make it difficult to dance, so can the mind and her chatter drown out the music of the Heart. Do not worry so much about your next step. You will know how to step if you stay present and aware of all that is around you. Feel the power of your Heart’s energy and know that the Heart is a powerful magnet. The Heart’s love magnetizes the air around you. The vibration of the Heart moves you forward, bringing to you events and people who exactly fit your needs at any given moment. Trust that you are where you need to be and pay attention to everything that is around you that you have so carefully prepared for yourself to observe. Do not be so impatient to be going somewhere else. There is nowhere else to go. Be Here Now. Feel what that truly means. And trust in the love that we your guides and allies send to you each minute.

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