Saturday, August 4, 2012


In 1974, I discovered a book that changed my life. That book was "The Seth Material" by Jane Roberts. I found it in a bookstore while searching for something that would help me decide what I believed about what happens when people die.  Jane Roberts channeled an entity called Seth from the middle 1960s to her death in 1984. Seth dictated entire books through Jane with the help of her husband Rob. I absorbed the ideas in the Seth books like a sponge. The ideas felt "right." Several years later, I met a teacher and a group of students and together we explored the Seth Material further. The ideas that I was introduced to through Seth have been the foundation of everything I believe today. Probably his two most famous themes are "We create our own reality" and "Our point of power is in the present." The biggest gift I received from Seth was a belief system big enough to hold whole universes. I now believe that reality is so big, so huge, that our human mind cannot comprehend its vastness; that the actual physical universe is tiny compared to how large reality is. My beliefs have evolved over the years but the basis is still pure Seth. My perceptions create what I see. My access to reality is through this exact moment in space and time. And I am a small part of a much greater collection of consciousness that I can access. So this is one reason why I am doing my guidance typing. Because I want to know more of my self. I want to feel something greater than my 3D physical self. Ultimately, I want to know I am not alone, that we are not alone.

GS: The primary point of this writing is to facilitate your connection to Spirit as you call it. We are many, an army indeed. Opening up your pathways to access Spirit allows you to receive more information. Do not edit. Do not think with your mind. That can be done when reading back the words you have typed. It is best when you just begin to type. As you type, you open further and words come. It is not helpful to try to anticipate the words. Yes, there is a point to typing. Not just to reassure you but of course that is beneficial.  It is much as we have already said. Learning to use a new muscle. Following this path so that others can follow you. This is not a unique talent although the words you receive are unique to you. This process can allow you to live a more heart centered and consciously created life. Using this tool and your imagination allows more possibilities to come into your view. We send you love and encouragement as always. You are not alone. You are so not alone that from our viewpoint the idea is quite absurd. You are surrounded by a sea of love and support and have access to our viewpoints any time you wish.

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