Monday, August 6, 2012


So one of the issues I have been working on is Trust. I think I got the message when I was young that I was supposed to figure things out for myself. And because of losses and changes in my life that were out of my control, I learned to not depend on others. I even remember hating balloons as a kid because they would pop and be gone. Why have such unreliable things in your life? So now I am learning to trust and depend on my own Guidance. This is what I typed this morning.

GS: Trust is unfamiliar to you. You have always approached life solitarily. It was safer to depend on no one. Mark was one of the few who you depended on and now his body is gone. Yet your love for him is not gone. Perhaps the recognition that you felt with Mark was touching on tapping into us your guidance system using Mark as a representative. And he is more than happy to continue to be your representative now. In fact, it works much better this way as his 3D issues no longer interfere. You can help him by raising your vibratory level, by holding hope and love in your heart, to do what he was unable to do in the body. He loves you still. And he knows how hard you are trying, you are processing, you are reaching to us and to him.  Rest assured that we are here. Rest assured that he is here also. You are not alone. You are not alone. Help is here. Just listen. Ask and we will answer. You are safe. No question is wrong. No question is too ridiculous. This is about you learning to trust and depend. To see and become aware of your interdependence. Because we are all together in this. All humans, all spirits. We are all connected. What you do for yourself affects everyone you meet. The connections are already there, it is merely your awareness of these connections that is growing. Stay on course. Ask your questions. And the answers shall spring forth ready to serve you. Because the answers serve you. They are not a parent meant to scold you. They are not a punishment. They are your freedom. They are your choices and opportunities. Cherish them. Welcome them. They are sent with much love and support always.


  1. Oh this one brings tears to my eyes. Taking a deep breath and reading it again. So glad you are sharing this my Skitty friend.

  2. Sorry, have to add another immediate comment. The anti-spam symbols I had to type for the last comment was "iamutrue" and two numerals, which happened to be my age. oooooh