Friday, August 3, 2012

Team Open Heart

 Most of the time in my direct writing I get variations on the encouragement and support theme. At this point it is getting a little repetitive although I must admit that my appetite for comfort is great and feels good nonetheless. The following, which I wrote yesterday morning, was a little different in that it contains commentary on a topic that I have been thinking about lately. Ascension is the buzz word of 2012 in the metaphysical set. I do not know what I feel or think about this topic. My guess is that there is something significant going on at an energetic or vibratory level but the word "Ascension" brings with it, at least for me, all sorts of egoic connotations that may not be true by association.

GS: We send you much encouragement to continue on the path you have been traveling on. This path will produce results, the results you are seeking. Breathe. Allow the forces to work. All things work together to support you and your development. The path you are on is one that is newly formed for humanity. This is what the ascension business is all about. Forging a new path - new pathways for consciousness. Ascension sounds more dramatic and thus inspires . But new pathways are equally exciting if you truly grasp what this means. Consciousness is going where it has never gone before. This is a great adventure and many of us on the non 3D side are watching, much like the world is watching the Olympics. We are all one team and yet there are different groups who have different metaphysical systems that are somewhat competing. There is no jealousy but enthusiasm for each technique. You are on the team of the Open Heart right now and we believe this resonates with you most delightfully. Go Team Open Heart! Reach and grab and create these new pathways and step back and enjoy the wonders this will produce in your daily 3D life.

So I really like the idea of Team Open Heart! Yay Team! Open Heart certainly resonates with me these days.

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