Thursday, August 9, 2012

Heart Centered Life

So I woke up with some worry and questions rolling around in my brain and I wrote for a bit about this, asking as many questions as I could think of. There seems to be so much uncertainty these days, both in my life and in the world and the lives of others. This is the answer I got.

GS: So many questions. Yet they are mostly disguised fears that appear as questions. You are asking for a release from fear. Your mind has worked overtime for so long she does not know what to do differently. Heart centered living feels much different than what you are in the habit of doing. Heart centered living is not about doing. It is not about figuring out a plan and bullet points and lists and following the magic formula exactly and voila you have change and progress and you achieve your goal. That is the story your mind would sell you. Heart centered living is calm and peaceful. It does not seek change to relieve fears. It seeks the joy of expression and experiences. It seeks creative outlet. It seeks communion. It shares love. The heart centered life is based in trust. Trust that you are part of an infinite being who supports and guides you in your 3D adventures. Trust that you can tap into infinite gifts and resources to mold your life in whatever direction you so choose. Not with the mind, but from the still point inside your heart. There is no magic formula or act or chant or secret combination of words. There is tapping into the stillness, tapping into the peace. From this place, the changes come naturally as new events and people and circumstances are attracted to the peace and love you are radiating. Feel the peace. Feel the calm. Know that this is a most deep and tender part of you. You are indeed most loved. Do not doubt it. We are here. 

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