Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thought Fodder

My mind is always thinking. It takes me practice to realize that there is more to "Me" than what I think. My mind is always looking for the best way to think, the best way to perceive reality. But at this stage of my life, what I have realized is that there is another way to look at life. There is something I am now calling the "Heart" that is in each of us and that offers another perspective than the mind and her chatter. The Heart is calm and peaceful. The Heart connects me to my Greater Self, that energy collective of which I am a part. And from the Heart's perspective, our lives can be so much more. By stepping back from the flurry of mind activity, we can become aware of the still calm point that is inside: Our Heart.

GS: Your Heart is wide open and willing to receive the bounty that life has to offer. The Heart is always open. It is your mind who fools you into thinking that the Heart is closed or blocked. There are no blocks. There is nothing that can stand in the way of you feeling the wonder that is your being. There is just the mind who distracts you into chewing thoughts instead of feeling the Heart. Put the mind to better use. Give her tasks. Let her investigate. Let her observe and record. Reassure her that all will be well and that the Heart has things “under control” although the Heart does not control. That is a mind game. The Heart allows. The Heart radiates and attracts. The Heart is the mechanism that pulls forth your essence and allows it to manifest in 3D. Let the Heart infuse your 3D experience. Let the Heart work in tandem with the mind and body. The Heart draws the Soul into 3D.  It is the portal, the gateway. Through the Heart is the Soul made manifest. Soul, Heart, body, mind. And the source of the Soul is Spirit. There is a nice little scenario for the mind to chew on. Let her picture that instead of panicking.

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