Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Past the Mission

I am exploring asking Guidance/Greater Self different questions. I had been approaching this task like there was a most exact perfect question that would result in the answers I am seeking. I now realize that the question is just as much a part of the journey as the answer. How could I think that anything I could ask Myself could be wrong? And thinking that something has to be exactly perfect in order to work is a mind game. The mind likes us to believe in magical actions. The mind says "So, you are not able to manifest what you want? You must be doing it wrong. You have to do it exactly right or it will not work" But the Universe is wild and abundant and scatters seeds everywhere. We do not manifest from the mind and the words we say do not matter. What matters is clear intentional focus from the Heart, fueled by Love and powered by Divine Will. If the answer does not come from a question, let the question change and unfold. The answer is there for those who seek.

Soul, What is my mission?
We can feel your fear just asking this question. Are you afraid there will be no answer? Are you afraid of being wrong? Being wrong is not your mission. You are a being of light and your mission is to shine, to know who you are so that others can see who they are as well. Your mission is to sparkle and glow and radiate your essence, the essence of your true nature and allow others to see you and know you are all connected. Your mission is to know your connection to divine source and spread the word. Your mission is to write and talk and hug and connect to all you meet.

So, what's your mission?

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