Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It is taught that third dimensional reality is one of polarity. Good/Bad, Black/White, Male/Female, Love/Hate. The list is extensive. Lately, as you may have noticed, I have been working with the polarity of Mind/Heart. I wish to step out of polarity and view Mind/Heart differently. I do not believe nor wish to imply that Mind is bad and Heart is good. Placing Good/Bad judgments onto opposing ideas is a tendency in 3D. But there is a place inside each of us that we can step back into and view polarities without judgment. From this viewpoint, I can honor Mind for the splendid job she does in researching, observing and providing information. I can honor Heart as the access point to Spirit. As long as I am in 3D, I need both Mind and Heart to work together as I expand my consciousness and learn to focus my intentions to create a better life. However, the Mind seems to have a strangle-hold on our perceptions about reality. We rarely question those things that the Mind says are facts. Yet “facts” in 3D are belief systems and can be altered by choosing another perspective. What beliefs do I hold as “facts” that can be perceived differently?

GS: Perception is a tool which allows you to play in third dimension reality. Much like colored lenses in eyeglasses, you can change the color of your perception of almost anything. You have for many years accepted as fact the belief that you are broken, that you need fixed. This is not fact. This is not truth. This is merely a misperception. Change your viewpoint and see the spectacular soul and spirit that you are. And by seeing this brightness, you shine for others to see. Thus is purpose fulfilled. To change perspective, go to the still point in the heart. Belief systems are held in the mind and can be seen for what they are from the heart. Choose from the heart your desired perspective and then let the mind gather information using your new viewpoint. The mind makes tremendous analogies to help understanding sink into your awareness. Splitting yourself into mind and heart is useful in helping you to understand yourself and change your method of operating in 3D. However, never forget that heart and mind work in tandem, that you are one being within many beings who work together as a unit, that you are a part of a greater energy conglomeration and that by knowing yourself, you can know this greater being as well. Blessed be.

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  1. Wonderful, a reminder we need daily. Maybe hourly.

    A while back I wrote about getting beyond the polarity to see the beauty and usefulness of doubts, mistakes, and crises. http://lauragraceweldon.com/2011/04/11/grateful-for-the-dark-stuff-too/ As you say, it's about choosing another perspective.