Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Typing Guidance

So – it has been over a year since I used this blog. My apologies. Life has gone on however and I still seem to be learning and growing. Over the past year, I have begun writing what I at first called “pretend channeling” which later morphed into “practice channeling” and has now become “typing guidance.” I have done this on the computer although others prefer pen and paper. I simply relax, close my eyes and ask a question. Words happen. It is an enjoyable process and I am hoping it is part of a larger opening inside myself that leads to more spiritual growth, more love and more connection. I believe that we are all part of a much larger being that exists beyond third dimensional reality and that we all have the capacity to access this greater self. This is my attempt to reach this awareness. This is something anyone can do. It simply requires that we do it. And then we can watch what happens.

So, for my first “public” writing:
Greetings. It is our pleasure to perform for your friends. We are quite able to jump and fetch if you so desire. However, our better use is to open your own heart and expand it to include more love and gratitude. It is by living a more heart centered life that you can truly become all that you dream. And in the doing, so do you affect all those around you. Everything benefits from looking through eyes of love. Look at yourself with love. Look at your neighbor with love. Let love filter all that you see and perceive. By using love as a filter, your vibrational energy is raised and more light is in the world. You all can do this. No one is excluded. Start a new fad. Become the first on your block to have more light! You will be amazed at how one simple change of attitude can color the whole world. Much love and blessings to you all. GS

Okay then. That took me a couple of minutes and other that a little punctuation and spelling correction is exactly how it came. GS stands for Greater Self, btw. I shall post more of my musings anon. Blessed be.

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