Monday, December 3, 2012

The Present in the Past

GS: The past is always open to interpretation as the only part of the past that actually exists is the part you hold onto in memory in the present moment. These parts of your past are chosen by you and are fed energy by you here in the now. Being fed energy, these pieces of your past can grow, morph or change as your viewpoint on your past changes.  This can be used as a learning tool for the evolving soul or as a method of browbeating yourself for perceived failures or inadequacies. This is always your choice. Thus you can experience a trauma and in your memory of this trauma learn to release the feelings that were generated and held onto and move your viewpoint from hurt and anger into one of love and acceptance through forgiveness. Or you can continue to focus on the trauma, feeding the trauma more energy as you remember, continuing the trauma’s effect in your present life and perpetuating the sorrow, rage and violation into your daily life. The willingness to consider different perspectives, different choices, different ways to direct your thoughts is always the first step to a happier present. Allowing the gift that all experiences can give to come forth even over a traumatic event is a sure way to heal. There is always a gift, something to be learned or realized that the trauma played out for you in graphic detail. Choosing the extent of the past’s influence upon you is determined by you in the here and now. Choose wisely for a happier life. 

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