Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Heart's Desires

Conscious creation contains several steps. Two of the key steps for me at this point are determining what I want and believing it is possible to have what I want. Somewhere along the line, I got the idea that what I wanted was in danger of being snatched from me or denied completely by malevolent forces. What I wanted was a treasure to be hidden and protected from the bad meanies out to get me. And it sometimes seemed simpler to not want anything and just cope with whatever trickled down the Universal pipeline to me. I have done such a great job of protecting myself that now I am not always aware of what I want. And when I do happen to ask for something and actually get it, I feel oddly uncomfortable, like the Desire Police are going to come up to me at any minute and say “Hey, you, what do you have in your hands? Where did you get that? Who told you that you could have it?” Add to that mix an unhealthy dose of parental and societal expectations of what one is supposed to want and do in her life and you end up with one confused human being. And I do not believe I am alone in my confusion. Who could possibly be an authority greater that our own selves in determining what we want? We know what feels good, what delights us, what brings us joy. But do we believe we can have these things? Do we feel someone else has to suffer or do without if we obtain what we want? Does this make us selfish or a more empowered and joyful person? What if all things are possible, especially including actualizing our heart’s desires? What if we live in a safe and beneficent Universe? What if the Universe wants to serve us and bring to us whatever we ask for? What if by serving ourselves by bringing ourselves joy, we serve others by showing them what is possible for them too? What if we are the determiners of what is real? Conscious creation requires stepping out of the box of beliefs in limitation and scarcity and stepping into a world where anything can happen if we but make it so.

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