Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free Falling

GS: You are indeed on a precipice. Your world is on a precipice. The energy you feel at this time is excitement mixed with a little fear of the unknown. Anticipation, as it were. Stay in the present moment with this energy. Now is not the time to run off into dark hallways of imagined pasts or futures. Feel the energy as a gateway into your access to your greater self. Feel the potentiality of this energy. Feel all possibilities open up before you. Picture yourself on your cliff about to jump off or perhaps even imagine that you have already jumped off and are now free falling. Now falling through space and time is a very pleasant experience if you can remove from your mind any beliefs or fears around hard landings. This energy is not about landing. This energy is about releasing yourself from limitations and embracing your own power. The seat of your power is in the core of your being and is not affected by falling or landing or your own perceived monsters. Sink into your center and know your true being and all the outside world will fall into line – as you speed through your space and time in free fall.

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