Thursday, December 6, 2012


I have had issues in the past with inadvertently saying something that caused upset in someone else. I usually felt blindsided by these incidents because I was not intending upset.  At the time of one of the more dramatic incidents, I realized that I was not responsible for other people's feelings and that became my mantra when others chose to become upset over what I viewed as an innocent expression of me. However, I became aware of a new level of thinking this morning about this issue - speaking my truth.

GS: Your truth is the essence of who you are. When you are open to expressing the being that you are, your truth is your voice. Your truth is your action. Nothing and no one can assail your truth, the truth of who you are. There is no need to defend, no need to protect, no need to censor. Be the truth of who you are. Speak the words that come from the divine center of love that you are.  Fear not the power of your words but embrace this power, trust this power that each word you speak from your truth blesses the world and allows the energy that flows through you to be made manifest. Speak the words. Let them flow forth as a gentle rain upon a thirsty world. Let the words fall as they may, trusting that they will find their way to ears that choose to hear. Your words do not depend upon others’ need to hear. They are in themselves reason to speak. Trust the words and your voice that would speak them. Bless the world with your words.

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